“Erik’s work is very comprehensive, detailed and conscientious. His energy is amazing and results started before I left his office.” -Angela M

“My session with Eric was so much more than I could have expected. I feel amazing! THANK YOU!!! ” Sandi M.

“It’s funny how sometimes a person we hardly know can make an impact on our lives and I thank you for making one on mine.”
Suzy L.
“I Initially sought out Erik to get off of adderoll. I had been taking it for years and didn’t think I would ever be able to manage without it. I heard about Erik through a mutual friend. I felt safe and knew I was in great hands. Erik took the time to listen and assess my individual concerns and needs. I was impressed with the variety of healing techniques Erik practices. I felt relief after my first visit. I would definatley recommend Erik to anyone seeking healing.” -Shelly S. 
“I remember one healing session with Erik specifically where we uncovered a huge emotional block that had me in an unhealthy pattern. The space Erik holds is designed for evolution of the spirit. I recently consulted Erik for herbs to facilitate in bone growth. The herbs were made just for me, based on my body’s needs. I can feel more blood flowing already and it’s day 3. ” Shelly S. 
“Over the past three years, I have taken a Qigong class taught by Erik and seen him for healing services for myself and my children. I had spondylitis pain, my older daughter had shoulder issues from playing tennis and my younger child had asthma. All of these were chronic, recurring problems, but since our treatments with Erik, they are much less frequent, almost non-existent. Eriks treatment was not only highly effective in treating these conditions, but he would always make time for us when needed. There were times when my younger daughter was wheezing and I would get an appointment right away. I almost never needed to use a nebulizer and she would improve significantly after her session. Erik embodies the very essence of what it means to be a holistic healer. He is centered, calm and compassionate, while being interested in all aspects of healing. He is an endless source of information about mushrooms, tea, macrobiotic food and herbs. Within an hour long session, Erik provides a unique blend of healing modalities including vibrational healing methods with crystals, stones, singing bowls, combined with cupping and aromatherapy, acupressure and auricular therapy. I would highly recommend Erik to anyone seeking holistic treatment.” -Lalita R. 
“I have struggled with the effects of illness and injury for many years.   In my search for natural remedies I became aware of ionic foot detox but was reluctant to try this as I was concerned with a potential healing reaction to the process.   My first experience with ionic foot detox at Chi for Healing was a pleasant surprise.   I did feel a slight tingling/itchiness in the feet and ankles, some fatigue, and a fleeting twinge/fuzziness in the chest cavity.   But these were minor and far outweighed by the benefits.  By the end of the 45 minute session many of the symptoms I struggle with were gone, or very close to that.   My sinuses were absolutely clear and I was amazed at how easy it was to breathe.   The usual pain and swelling under my jaw and ears was completely gone.  The chronic pain in my neck and low back was 90% gone.  I was relaxed, calm, and even joyful.   In the hours immediately after the foot detox I enjoyed a feeling of optimism that I hadn’t felt in years – I could do anything!”   -Theresa M.
“Left feeling like I was floating. I had the detox package, worth every penny. Erik is very knowledgeable and has a calm personality. He made sure to really listen to what was going on with me and create my treatment with that info. I will definitely be back for more fire cupping!!! It was also pretty awesome to watch the foot detox happen. THANK YOU AGAIN” -Victoria C.
“Erik is a wonderful healer with amazing energy. He helped me with several issues during our session and gave me a decoction that seems to be helping with a fluid retention problem I’ve been having.” -Martha J.
“Just wanted to let you know that Donna seems to be
benefiting from the herbal.  It will take some time to adjust
but she doesn’t mind the taste. Thank you for this positive shift
in her life; we are hoping that over time it will have a deeper effect. I also wanted to say how much I enjoy your healing presence and your class. I always feel uplifted and a part of something positive. I tend to be an introvert and solitary so this
encourages me to connect with like minded people. “
Anita D.

Allergy Tea Blend

Absolutely LOVE this tea! The helps relax my allergies and leaves a cool sensation.

Respiratory Tonic 

This tea has greatly assisted my asthmatic son, and he loves how it tastes, too! Thank you!

Erik Harris

Owner , Chi for Healing

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